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Time for a Change!

As times have changed. Websites have moved from the old conventional format to the more modern format of Wordpress and other custom designs. As a result I will be changing to Wordpresss. Keep tuned in here as the progress unfolds!

To see some recent photos use this link:

Here's a glance of what the next website will look like:

My photo website

About Me:

My interest in art began at an early age.  I was drawing freehand in the 3rd grade.  I was fascinated with horses and dolphins. 

What began as an interest in drawing them in pencil developed into an ambition to capture them in color.  The more I would draw the more interested I became in capturing other things.  Being a child of the sixties I began to draw cartoon characters from books, then I began to draw characters from my favorite television shows.  I would watch them for hours until I completed the drawing.  I began to draw Actors and Actresses, then Athletes. Everything was in pencil and copied from photographs.  

I then became fascinated with color.  After trying oil painting-unsuccessfully-I became obsessed  with light and color.  Well... photography provided that! Since I couldn’t paint it with oil I could use another tool...a camera!! I began with a Kodak rangefinder and graduated to a Yashica SLR. Well, that is in the past, now I use Canon EOS SLR’s and lenses and shoot digitally. 

Photography is my passion. I post process in Lightroom Classic CC and print with an Epson R3880.  All final processing and enhancing is done in Photoshop CC 2018. 

I belonged to the
Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association in southern California where I was a member of the Board.  My photographs have won awards locally since 2004.